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The Snails

Location: Melaka

The Sail in Melaka is a futuristic architectural masterpiece that overlooks the Straits of Melaka. It consists of nine towers on a podium carpark and shopping mall, and its design is both magnificent and innovative.

The towers are shaped like sails, and they are arranged in a way that creates a dynamic and flowing form. The towers are also clad in a shimmering material that reflects the light from the sun and the water, creating a truly mesmerizing effect.

The podium carpark and shopping mall is designed to be just as futuristic as the towers. The mall is covered in a glass roof that lets in natural light, and the interior is decorated with sleek and modern furniture. The carpark is also designed to be efficient and user-friendly, with multiple entry and exit points and plenty of parking spaces.

The Sail in Melaka is a truly unique and innovative building that is sure to become a landmark in the city. It is a testament to the power of architecture to create something that is both beautiful and functional.

This project is designed in collaboration with Y+P Sdn Bhd and Yean Ng Architects. Verge Architects undertook the façade design and the Future 1 Tower.

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